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Sep 22, 2014

Improve SEO Through Social Media

Improve SEO with social mediaIt used to be that SEO revolved around only keywords, and inbound links; but social media has changed the game. As new and diverse social media offerings continue to emerge, search engines are increasingly incorporating social signals (likes, +1’s, woots, etc.) to advise their social results. Here are five best practices for aligning your social media and SEO efforts.
  1. Publish High-Quality Content – you should know this one by now! Content has always been king, but in the last couple of years, providing high-quality, useful, and interesting content has become the single most important thing a business can do to improve their SEO.
  2. Be Active – it’s easy to get discouraged when you see that blog you spent all weekend on has gotten only 10 views, but stay committed to being active through all social media channels. Not only will staying active keep you better connected with your audience, search engines will reward your efforts with better rankings.
  3. Make Your Content Readily Sharable – connecting on social channels like Pinterest and Twitter pushes your content to the wider world. Think about it, your communications can potentially reach thousands of people beyond those already familiar with your brand. Customize your website to incorporate social sharing from your areas of communication like your blog. Next time you send marketing emails, add your company’s social media outlets (Facebook Page, YouTube Channel) to better connect with customers.
  4. Add More Images and Profiles – increasingly, images are becoming a powerful SEO booster. Images have a positive impact on search visibility and tie your content to larger areas of the web such as Google Images.
  5. Measure Your Performance – measuring and analyzing your efforts is key to maintaining effective SEO tactics. If you can determine what is working and what is not, you can create a better plan moving forward. And no matter what your goal, the only way you know whether you’re achieving those goals is to measure them.