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Mar 11, 2015

Is it Prime Time for Apple Watch?

apple-watch-event-2015-release-dateOn March 9 Apple hosted their Spring Forward event where they announced the release of a new MacBook and more details on the largely anticipated Apple Watch. Apple Watch is Apple’s first wearable. It was built to work with iPhone, but it’s not just an iPhone that was shrunk down to the size of the watch. The user interface was completely rebuilt to accommodate the size of 38mm or 42mm watch face. With tap and press commands, touch navigation, and digital crown navigation. Apple has taken the dial on the side of a regular watch and made it into a navigation scroll that translates rotary movement into digital data, it is also used as a home button. Apple Watch can be used to make calls, remind you of calendar events, text message, read emails. All the things you want from your magical technical watch. You can even use Apple Pay, check into your flights, or unlock your hotel room. But what is most unique is that you can send your heartbeat to someone. On the back of the watch there are four sensors that detect pulse, enabling users to send 'their heartbeat' to another and they can actually feel it! In addition, these four sensors can let you know about a message or event with specifics notifications. They can even tell you turn left or right when using the map function with out even looking down, and when you pick your wrist up, the screen will come on. However this amazing piece of technology comes at a hefty fee. There are three different versions, Sport, Watch, and Watch Edition. 'Sport' sports an aluminum face and a plastic for $348. 'Watch' will get you a stainless steel face and a choice of six different fashion bands in either metal or leather. 'Watch Edition' comes with an 18-carat gold yellow or rose gold face, six different fashion bands and will set you back (at very least!) $10,000. You’ll find Apple Watch at Apple stores and online for preorder on April 10 and for sale April 24.