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Jun 4, 2015

Is Twitter the Favorite Social Platform Amongst Sales People?

twitterAs a sales person it’s important to keep in constant contact with your customers. It is equally as important to make new connections and network. Social media has become a great resource for making connections with ease. These days, there seems to be an unlimited number of social platforms from which to choose. Given all our options, which platform is most beneficial to the modern salesperson?

KiteDesk, a sales consulting and data research firm, conducted a study to see what social media platforms were favored by sales people most. The major players were Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. From a group of 524 salespeople,  it was determined that Twitter was the favorite.

According to KiteDesk’s ranking system Twitter scored 1,301 and LinkedIn 1,273. You would think LinkedIn, the social media tool created to bring professionals together, would end up on top, but Twitter happened to squeeze by. It leaves us wondering what lies in the future of LinkedIn.

Sales consultant Vanessa DiMaurn told KiteDesk, “I l ike to describe Twitter as the bar after work – where you keep your tie on but loosen it a bit, LinkedIn is the conference room in the corporate office.”

With Twitter there is a sort of freedom that comes with a profile. You can control who sees your tweets or you can allow anyone to see them. LinkedIn allows for restrictions, where the only way to contact someone is by requesting a connection.

Using Twitter allows the conversation to flow more because you’re able to find out more from a person’s casual tweets than you are from the articles they share. Once learning someone’s interest salespeople can target them and use this to their advantage.

As sales people rely on Twitter more does this mean a change for the business world?