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Jul 2, 2013

Majority Of Business Owners Unsure About How To Prepare For ObamaCare

Yesterday, NewtekOneThe Small Business Authority®, announced the findings of its SB Authority Market Sentiment Survey, a monthly window into the concerns of independent business owners. Based on a poll of over 1,000 respondents, one of the key findings from the June survey is 52% of business owners do not know how to prepare for the upcoming healthcare reform changes. Of the remaining, 24% plan to reduce benefits to employees, 13% plan to rebid their policy and 11% plan to reduce business expenses. The full June 2013 results showed the following:
Poll Question Poll Answer  Percentage

Rebid your policy


Reduce benefits to employees


With healthcare reform 6  months away, how are you preparing?

Reduce other business expenses


I do not know what to do


  Barry Sloane, Chairman, President and CEO of The Small Business Authority® commented, "With six months to go before the Patient Protection Affordable Healthcare Act goes into effect, small and independent business owners are still unsure of what actions to take for the health and welfare of their businesses and employees. Many states are behind in setting up healthcare exchanges and establishing a set of rules for the operation of the exchange. Many small and independent business owners need to seek advice on how to apply for available tax credits and have not yet calculated the benefits of purchasing insurance or paying the fine, in the form of a tax, that may be required for an uninsured employee. There are many unanswered questions at this time for small business owners in an uncertain economy. The cost of healthcare, as well as the changes in plans and benefits are adding to the uncertainty in the economy."