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Aug 27, 2013

Mindshare Technologies: Five Tips for Improving Customer Care

admin-ajaxWhen it comes to owning a successful company, customer retention is key. In order to get there, however, it’s important to show your customers you care. One great way of doing so is through customer feedback; let them know you’re paying attention. As a leader in Voice of the Customer (VoC) technologies, Mindshare Technologies helps companies better understand what customers value most about their experiences. Based on a number of surveys conducted over the years, Mindshare Technologies has released five tips for service-based companies to leverage and utilize insights from their most common customer feedback. 1. Engage and respond to customers: Everyone appreciates it when they know they’re words are being heard and customers are no different. Let your customers know that you’re paying attention to their wants and needs. No matter what the comment may be, whether or not it’s groundbreaking, respond to your customers who leave feedback. Tell them how their concern has been resolved or thank them for taking the time to reach out. 2. Correlate profits to customer satisfaction: Get to know the habits of your customers and what’s working for your business. If you’re revenue seems to be aligned with certain customer satisfaction scores, then you’re obviously doing something right; so keep it up! With this approach, according to Mindshare Technologies, customer satisfaction scores will soon be predicting the bottom line. 3. Promote positive comments: In today’s world, social media means everything and that includes your business. Don’t be afraid to take full advantage of what it has to offer, because you can be sure your customers already are. If a customer leaves a positive comment on your social media page, share their words. Better yet, have them share their feedback. Any time a customer can say nice things about your business, you get a free marketing opportunity and you build your credibility among potential customers. 4. Motivate frontline employees: Regardless of what position they have, all employees like to know when they’re producing quality work. Let your employees know when customers give them positive feedback. They will not only work better, but they will care and take more pride in knowing a customer singled them out for their exceptional service. 5. Focus on individual employees: Pay attention to which employees are, and are not, listening to the “common sense” provided to them for good service. Those who are listening should be rewarded accordingly. “We gather tens of millions of surveys each year to help companies of all kinds improve their customer feedback, like identifying product issues or holding an individual manager accountable to keeping company standards,” said John Sperry, chief executive officer of MindShare Technologies. “In additional to the benefits of having a comprehensive VoC program, we identified some recurring themes in this data that can benefit every business.”