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Jul 23, 2012

Mozilla Releases a Secure Firefox 14

Firefox 14 is now available six weeks after the release of Firefox 13 following the company's typical pattern of rapid fire release. The company improved on many areas however the main focus was security and this feature was highlighted in numerous features with the top of its list being a secure Google search. Now, Firefox will by default access Google search utilizing an SSL encrypted HTTPS connection. "Enabling HTTPS for these searches shields our users from network infrastructure that may be gathering data about the users or modifying/censoring their search results," Sid Stamm, lead privacy engineer at Mozilla wrote on the company blog earlier in the year. In addition to the big Google secure Firefox 14 is equipped with an improved Site Identity Indicator which allows users to easily depict whether or not they are utilizing an SSL encrypted server or not. The lock has been typically used to distinguish a regular SSL site from one which is secure but now a green lock is in place when utilizing an Extended Validation SSL certificate (EV-SSL) which provides an additional shield in the site identity authentication process. The new grey triangle will additionally notify users if they are utilizing a site which mixes HTTP and HTTPS content.  The new icon sits on the left hand side of the Firefox search and address bar which is getting a makeover too. Mozilla is intrudicing a URL auto-complete feature with this site build so you no longer have to remember the entire URL for your favorite site. As far as developmenet is concerned the new Firefox build ushers in a brand new Pointer Lock API which is a Google led W3C specification in HTML5. "The Pointer Lock API provides for input methods of applications based on the movement of the mouse, not just the absolute position of a cursor," the W3C abstract on Pointer Lock stated.[1] "A popular example is that of first person movement controls in three dimensional graphics applications such as games. Movement of the mouse is interpreted for rotation of the view-port, there is no limit to how far movement can go, and no mouse cursor is displayed." Firefox 14 is now officially available for download with Firefox 15 set to debut sometime in August. The next version is said to include performance upgrades in the speed department. Further Reading: Mozilla Privacy Blog Firefox Unleashed With Focus on Security
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