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Aug 15, 2013

New App Helps Users Avoid Common Mistakes

WIB manSometimes being forced to make the big decisions is simply exhausting. Additionally, it’s no help, either, when you’re the manager of a business whom everyone relies on for guidance and control. Every important decision demands time and a concentrated effort to choose the best possible route. Knowing what you can and can’t pursue is vital to any organization. But, how can you know which decision is a win and which is a bust? Thanks to a new app by WiB Solutions, these decisions may not be so difficult to make anymore. The Identity and Access Management solutions company has created a new app that finds the best resolution in any situation. The Thinking Mistakes App helps users to learn to recognize common fallacies, biases, and effects that we, ourselves, often miss due to the defects in our thinking process. According to WiB Solutions, “The goal of this app is to provide you with a reliable tool, always on hand whenever and wherever needed, to avoid all those thinking traps and make you stronger in your decisions and prepared for your next meetings.” Users are able to filter results by searching for “thinking errors” by situation and objective. Additionally, they can build a shortlist of their “favorites” for future reference. Once the situation and objective is identified, the app will suggest management tools to help users avoid those thinking errors. Another feature provided by the app is the ability to find common thinking mistakes for certain meetings. For example, if your upcoming meeting is to finalize a project, or bring up new ideas, then users can select that type of meeting through a search tool, and the app will give a list of topics to avoid. Whether the app works, or not, is to be seen. As of now, the company has not mentioned other businesses that have benefited. However, according to a WiB Solutions release, Harvard University will be using the app as part of a course to see if it’s successful. WiB Solutions writes: “As part of its first phase of experimentation, use and feedback, the Management Thinking Mistakes App will be used as [a] pedagogical tool at Harvard University, in a course taught by Professor Mark Esposito on ‘Modern Dilemmas in the Corporation of the 21st Century’.” The new app can be accessed on the iTunes App store, just search for “Management Thinking Mistakes” from within the store. While the app is free initially, after 99 hours users will be charged.