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Jan 2, 2014

[News Ticker] 10 New Year Resolutions for Your SMB

iStock_000031194168XSmallEvery once-in-awhile, we put aside our blog story for something we read that is worthy of recognition. To be sure, we are all likely getting a bit tired of "resolution articles." However, hats off to Sara Angeles of BusinessNewsDaily for her article published today on Fox Small Business Center where she provides a very strong list for 2014. Here they are, in order: 1. Get the most "bang for your technology buck" 2. Adopt mobile payments 3. Get closer to customers 4. Make customer service a priority 5. Focus on marketing efforts 6. Revamp social media strategy 7. Be SEO- and data-savvy 8. Perform a security audit 9. Prevent employee fraud 10. Become more nimble Keep in mind, NewtekOne's sole purpose is to become a trusted silent partner for your small business. With capabilities in loan services, payroll, merchant processing, insurance, technology, and more - we can help you reach/maintain any and all of these goals. Let us know how we can help at 1-855-284-3722. [source: Fox Small Business Center]