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Feb 21, 2014

[News Ticker]: Why NOT $19B for WhatsApp?

whatsappMobile mobile messaging service WhatsApp functions as yet another social network; one where users can send messages either to one or many recipients simultaneously. The may even share their locations if they so choose. The users are exactly the kind that Facebook is seeking. They're active, uploading more photos per day than even Facebook users. What's more, WhatsApp boasts 70 percent daily user activity (that's 8 percent better than Facebook!) And when it comes to International use, WhatsApp users are responsible for more than 19 billion messages per day, including 200 million voice messages and 100 million videos.Given the App's colossal user base, its staggering purchase price might actually prove to be a bargain - particularly when compared to some noteworthy competitors. For example, LinkedIn's trading price comes at about  $153 per user, Twitter at $140 per user, and Facebook itself trades at about $123. So the $42 price per user FB paid for WhatsApp isn't so seemingly absurd at all, anymore. [source: CNN]