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Mar 19, 2014

NewtekOne Debuts Its “Meet or Beat” Merchant Processing TV Commercial

NewtekOne's Merchant Processor Guarantees Price Savings for Prospective Customers NEW YORK, March 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Newtek Business Services, Inc. NASDAQ: NEWT, The Small Business Authority®, today announced the debut of its first television advertisement for its merchant processor, Newtek Merchant Solutions, one of the larger credit card processing providers in the country with over $4.5 billion in payments processed annually. This commercial, part of the Company's national advertising campaign across several business lines, details NewtekOne's guarantee to 'meet or beat' a business owner's current credit card processing costs, with the promise to pay $250 if the Company is unable to satisfy this claim.  The commercial also notes that switching to NewtekOne's merchant processing platform can offer the client access to NewtekOne's Data Breach Insurance, which provides coverage for up to $100,000 in Visa/MasterCard fines per merchant account. This commercial currently airs on CNN and Headline News. Barry Sloane, NewtekOne's Chairman, President and CEO commented, "We are pleased to debut this commercial highlighting our merchant processing platform, which is the third product line highlighted in our national television advertising campaign.  Our advertising campaign commenced in September of 2012, and currently encompasses television advertisements for our Business Lending Products, Cloud Services and now Merchant Processing.  As the business authority on Merchant Processing, we thoroughly understand how to deliver the winning combination of superior customer service, the ultimate in security, and customizable industry-leading products, all at competitive prices.  As a result, we are confident we can reduce the credit card processing costs of our prospective customers while simultaneously providing them with the best program available, giving them the necessary tools to manage their businesses more efficiently and cost effectively in order to retain a competitive edge.  In addition to cost savings, we will also provide every merchant account access to our Data Breach Insurance.  In light of the increased intensity and frequency of data and security breaches, and our ongoing focus on minimizing merchant risk, this insurance is essential in reducing the protected merchant's monetary exposure in the event of a data and/or security breach.  Through this commercial, our goal is to increase the national recognition of our Merchant Processing Program, and grow our merchant client base, attracting new quality independent sales organizations ("ISOs"), agent banks and merchant processing customers to our program."