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Apr 4, 2013

NewtekOne Now Offering FREE FB or Twitter Biz Page Design

The good news with NewtekOne’s new promo? Well, you immediately discover you're entitled to a FREE Facebook or Twitter page (designed by our award winning team) for your small business. However, which platform should you choose? We know. Now, take a deep breath and exhale. Woosahhh. As the Small Business Authority, we decided to lend a helping hand with this decision as well, outlining the strengths of both to see which is a better fit for your preferred social media platform. Facebook Advantages More Personal - If you are into relationship building, Facebook remains the unequivocal leader in social media. While new algorithms preclude your audience from likely seeing all your posts on their feed, you are able to receive and communicate significantly more information, content, and (and arguably personality) with Facebook than Twitter. Versatility - Facebook’s platform allows for personal profiles, professional profiles, business pages, and fan pages so there is a bit more latitude. While Twitter allows for the same concept, ultimately there is no difference in appearance or functionality. So, if multiple options is important, consider Facebook’s power of choice. Facebook Ads - Facebook allows businesses to purchase targeted ads to extremely specific demographics. Graph search is Facebook’s newest toy that is incredible for targeting like-minded people (yes, potential clients). The possibilities are admittedly intriguing. Benefits of Twitter Speed - If its speed of communication you are after, Twitter’s got it. When things happen, you hear about it on Twitter first. That’s true for your business messaging as well. Information - With Twitter search, everything you want to know can be delivered at light speed. Moreover, you can hear what people are saying about your brand and even pick up on some tidbits regarding your competitors as well. In the name of research, Twitter is a huge benefit. Viral - Everybody talks about this easier-said-than-done phenomenon. As one might expect with Twitter’s speed, having a Tweet go viral is far more likely than a Facebook post. One solid tweet might deliver tons of views, retweets, and attention. For a business, that is one important dividend your Free page could garner. Now, of course, this list is incomplete with myriad benefits to be had no matter which path you choose. With NewtekOne’s FREE custom page design promotion, you’re about to join the ranks of Jon Bon Jovi and Co. “Ohhhh. You’re halfway thereeeee.” So, do yourself a favor and tap into FREE high-end social media page design with NewtekOne, The Small Business Authority. Have one of our design experts contact you today or call us directly at 1-855-284-3722 to speak about your free design work. This offer is for a limited time only*, so don’t miss out (but don't panic either) – we're here to help.   * Orders are filled in the order they are received, as such, work volume may necessitate a waiting period for delivery.