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Jan 7, 2013

NewtekOne’s FREE 2013 Payroll & Taxes White Paper

Newtek Business Services, The Small Business Authority®, announces the release of a free white paper to help explain payroll and tax changes for small business. As we begin 2013 and deal with the aftermath of the Fiscal Cliff, there are many very important payroll tax updates that need to be explained. On January 2, 2013, we released a blog on titled "4 Important 2013 Payroll Updates & Tax Changes for Small Business." The blog was an enormous success obtaining over 54,000 views in under 24 hours. So, we decided to release a comprehensive guide for small business owners to address any questions and concerns they may have regarding payroll, paychecks, and taxes for 2013. The whitepaper is available here. While we recognize 2013 is the year of change for small independent business owners, this white paper is relevant for owners of businesses large or small, as it alludes to the types of changes that have already occurred and what may occur in order to process payroll for their employees.  2013 will also be the year of change for healthcare, benefits and all levels of taxation and we are well positioned as the authority on small business to talk about these important issues. Please visit our website, or call 855-284-3722 and ask for a payroll expert or a health/ benefits expert today. Please feel free to email or call 866-820-8901 with any questions. For additional information, please follow us on twitter at The SBA or SloaneBarry, and sign up for our free newsletter at