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Aug 29, 2013

NY Times Hit by Cyber Attack – is it Time to Think Seriously About Your Own Security?

iStock_000023331063XSmallThe New York Times was hit on Tuesday by a malicious external attack by cyber criminals, making it difficult for readers to access their website from all over the world. According to Mac Frons, the Times Chief Information Officer, the hacktivist group claiming responsibility for the crime was Syrian Electronic Army who allegedly has strong ties to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The cybercrime is still being investigated. Just a few weeks ago, the same group claimed responsibility for hacking Outbrain, a news recommendation engine appearing on CNN, Time Magazine, and Washington Post websites. That being said, malicious attacks of this kind are all too common. What should stand out is that big companies, with big dollars to put behind their security are still vulnerable. In fact, just a few months ago, Apple … yes, that Apple was hacked. The Company had to publicly announce that their security was breached and private information of myriad third party developers (relationships that mean billions to Apple) were made vulnerable. In short, even though most people don’t wish to think about it, the time to bolster your personal and business online security is officially upon us. The question of whether or not you will be hit begins with “when” not “if.” Moreover, small businesses are the number one target because they tend to have more "cracks" in their defenses. To learn more about cyber security and some ideas about how to defend yourself and your business from attack, check out our technology division’s blog, today.