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Jul 16, 2015

Perfect the Online Shopping Experience

Header_ECommerce1-540x180In the Game of Thrones of online retailers, Warby Parker takes the crown. Warby Parker is an eyeglass company, where purchasers visit their website to pick the frames for their prescription, or non-prescription lenses. The online shopping experience that Warby Parker is able to deliver should be a model for any digital retailer. In addition to a great web experience, the company sends customers five different pairs of glasses to try out and sample for five days. Try before you buy; if only every site was so accommodating! Now, of course not every business can be Warby Parker, but retailers can use them as an inspirational example of a successful web-based business.

If your business relies mostly on your website for transactions, it is important to make the online shopping experience as good, if not better, than in the in-store shopping experience.

Chiefly, your website should make locating desired items as easy as possible. A search bar allows for the patron to be immediately directed to the item they're looking for. A stationary menu bar at the top or side of the page is a great way to remain organized.

Don't gloss over the little details when categorizing your items. Maybe you can filter by color, size, or brand. If your business sells clothes, style outfits for specific body types just like your sales personnel would in a store. Recommend additional pieces under the current piece they are looking at. If you’re selling bakeware, recommend the different tools you would need to make a specific recipe. For example, if someone is looking at a mixing bowl, recommend, a spoon, muffin trays, or measuring cups.

To make each patron’s shopping experience unique, create a live chat support team. This enables visitors to get answers to their questions immediately, just as they would if they needed help while at a physical retail store. If someone doesn't know what to look for, they can ask in chat and your backend person can send them links, direct them to what they are looking for, or suggest other items that will better fit their needs.

An important aspect of an online store is accurate reviews of your products. Reviews are highly relied on by customers who are unable to see or touch the product before purchase. An accurate description by the seller and an accurate review by the customers will result in a higher success rate in completed sales and will lessen returns. (That means less shipping cost for you!) The more true your descriptions are to your products, the more people will come back to purchase.

Shipments are just as important. In addition to reliable shipping and free shipping, look at your packaging. Brand yourself across the box or bag it comes in, so everyone knows it's yours! Make sure your product arrives well protected, but also make sure the packaging is easy to open. Packaging is also a great opportunity to make your business stand out!

Your online store is something you should be proud of, allow that passion to shine through to your website, your customers will thank you for it!