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Oct 12, 2015

Pin It for Later or Buy it Right Now

Pinterest-Post-790x310Over 73 million users log into Pinterest every month looking for their next, purchase, idea or DIY project. On June 30th Pinterest took pinning to the next level with the addition of buyable pins and promoted pins.

Introducing these two new features was a very smart move considering there are 20X the amount of pins posted a day than people in shopping malls; there are about 2 million Pins posted on any given day. That's 2 million items seen by 73 million people, that’s a lot of foot traffic. Further, Pinterest already grabs 41% of ecommerce traffic compared to other social media sites, and these new features have made conversions even easier.

Pinterest has teamed up with 5 major ecommerce companies (Demandware, Shopify, Bigcommerce, IBM Commerce and Magento), to better integrate with merchant platforms. If your business is already on Pinterest, this buyable button is pretty much a no brainer for a boost in sales for your business. Buyable Pins are currently only available on iPhones and iPads, but an Android app is promised to be on the way.

Everyone is going on Pinterest these days! People are researching what they're going to buy, planning purchases, and now buying straight from the site. Social-driven retail sales and referrals are outpacing all other online sales channels and Pinterest alone accounts for 16% of social revenue. This is a huge opportunity for retailers, more and more social media outlets are adding purchase buttons and it's important your business stays with the trends.