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Oct 19, 2015

Reddit Gets Upvoted

upvoted.comCountless publishers "borrow" news from Reddit everyday, in response, the social aggregator has launched the dedicated news site Upvoted. Upvoted will host curated news written by Reddit's editorial staff. Reddit is a public site that is fueled by user-generated content or news. Content and communities are grouped by topic and/or interest in sections called Subreddits. For example, you want information on DIYs, link to the DIY subreddit (r/DIY) and bask in the glory of "how-to" heaven. Upvoted is a new site that takes content created by Reddit users and makes it into a story, instead of news sites stealing Reddit content. They’ve hired an editorial team that will interview the curator of the original post and will link the Upvoted article to the original post on Reddit. For now Upvoted plans to feature 10 to 20 articles a day. They plan to have a new web series that highlights their “Ask Me Anything” SubReddit. Once the site hires a bigger staff they plan to produce more content.Upvoted can now be comparable to Buzzfeed or UpWorthy. Sites with an editorial staff based on user generated content. It leaves an opening for “sponsored” posts that Reddit can make money off of, as well as more room for advertisements. Upworthy is Reddit’s do over. Where “the front page of the internet” is condensed to just the important stuff that is well written and makes sense.