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Apr 18, 2013

Should Your Business Have a Blog?

Blogs are all the rage, but can it really help your business? Here is how to evaluate if a blog could be right for your business.   Need to build credibility? One of the primary reasons for starting a blog is to show, as a small business, you understand your your customer, industry, and product. A blog can demonstrate your knowledge and show your passion for what you do. When current and potential customers see you blogging, it helps to show them you are the real deal. This can give you a competitive edge because you will be seen as an expert authority in your industry.   Want to separate yourself from competitors? Creating blog articles can let you share your personal story and professional insights. Blogs offer an opportunity for a business or organization to present not only industry expertise, but also its personal side. Through a blog, your audience can get a sense of the people, culture and personality of you and your business. This helps build relationships with current and potential customers, allowing them to understand the people behind the business. This sense of personality and relationship with customers can help set you apart from your competition and give your customers a real sense of belonging and trust when they do business with you.   Looking for a way to genuinely promote your products and services? Another reason for having a blog is to help promote your products. Blog articles are the perfect way to help your customers learn more about your products or services by sharing new ideas and answering questions. Whether is addressing frequently asked questions or tying into seasonal events, blog articles can highlight unique benefits of your product and give customers a reason to purchase.   Need a way to improve your search engine ranking? One of the top reasons businesses start blogs is because a blog is pure, relevant content for web users looking for your type of business. Updating your blog consistently means you are creating keyword rich content, which will improve your site’s ranking in search results and bring in visitors looking for your specific product or service. The more you write, the more search results you’ll pull in, and the more sales you’ll make.   Looking to engage customers and potential customers? Rather than just having people come read your site, a blog can help engage website visitors and more readily turn them into customers. Through comments on your blog, you can let your current and potential customers talk to you in with valuable feedback and ideas. Comments usually creates more comments, and you will soon be at the center of dialogue with your website visitors and on your way into converting them into customers or partners.   Need help getting started with a website for your blog? Newtek Web Services can get you going.