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Dec 4, 2012

Small Biz Holiday Survival Guide

Let’s face it, small businesses depend upon the holiday season to contribute a healthy spike to end the fiscal year and to touch enough customers to create momentum for the new. Here are a few tips to maximize your small business’s holiday season without compromising too much:
  • Not a shopping season passes where larger competitors will fail to offer ridiculous savings to get new faces in the door. Do not get caught up in this game unless you are sure you can afford to. Is this tactic really worth devaluing your products or services? Make sure the juice is worth the squeeze!
  • Listen to your customers. Nobody knows what they (and those like them) want like they do. Customer requests equal sales, so be sure to stock up.
  • How about a website Holiday makeover? Talk to your designer and add a little cheer. The “feel” of the Holidays can be just as effective as offering up sales on a drab site.
  • Be prepared. If your business is a brick and mortar establishment, be sure you are staffed and open to accommodate those last minutes shoppers who come in droves. If eCommerce drives your revenue, talk to your webhost and be sure you can handle additional traffic.
Remember small business owners, this season is what it's all about. Enjoy the energy and make the most of your customer relationships. If you need additional support, do not hesitate to reach out to NewtekOne, The Small Business Authority. We are rooting for you, and are here to help 24/7/365!