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Mar 23, 2015

Spring Clean Your Business

fhp_2014mar18-how-to-spring-clean-your-small-business_imageHalfway through March means we’ve officially entered spring! With every spring comes warmer weather, longer days, happier people and spring cleaning. Instead of just cleaning out those closets this year, how about cleaning up your business too.

The office - This involves some physical cleaning and moving. Maybe it’s time to switch completely to electronic records. Get rid of those filing cabinets and open up the space. Do some real extra dusting, get those carpets cleaned. Maybe knock down those cubicles and switch your office to an open concept, some say it promotes productivity and creativity. A cleaner, better organized office leads to greater happiness among employees and more productivity.

The website - Are all your pages updated? Are all your facts correct? Are you offering to date services? Is there something you no longer do listed with your services? Is your contact info correct? Is your website mobile friendly, Social Media friendly? Check out all these things, take off the things thatdon’t matter and add what is relevant to your business today. NewtekOne can even help get you started on redesigning your website or even just starting yourwebsite.

The staff - Is your staff happy? Perhaps its time to talk to them about the business. Ask them what is working and what’s not. Maybe you’re business is expanding and its time to restructure. We’re not saying clean out your staff, we’re saying clean up the mishaps. Maybe clean up the office morale and make your office a more exciting place to be.

Social Media - Was your last tweet in December? Time to revamp your social media plan! What social media is working for you? What has fallen behind? Can you improve any of them with a new cover photo? Social Media can be one of the easiest tools for in-house marketing, you should be using it to its full advantage.

Address book - Making sure all your contacts are up to date is the best spring cleaning you can do. Your contacts are at the core to expanding yourbusiness. Whether they are people you can look to for advice or your customers, filtering out the spam, the do not contacts, and the outdated emails can save you a lot of unwanted emails and trouble.

 Making sure every aspect of your business is organized and “clean” will only server to your advantage. Clutter, figuratively and physically, can be an unwanted distraction, eliminating this will lead to more success and productivity.