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Aug 7, 2015

Successful Content Marketing

content marketingContent marketing involves the creation and sharing of media, as well as publishing other content in order to attract customers. When done correctly, content marketing is becoming increasingly important for SEO. But as it gains in popularity, it is becoming more frequently abused. When developing a content marketing strategy, pay extra attention to the following: The first factor that can dramatically affect the success of your content marketing strategy is the documentation of your content plan. Not only does documenting strategies benefit your marketing team, but Forbes shared that, “content marketing can be leveraged for recruiting, PR, employee training, and other departments.” Using these documentations, you can see how content marketing plays an important role for each department, and even leads to an increase in the ROI of your company. Next is streamlining your content creation efforts. As not every idea is going to be put to use at once, it is encouraged that your company have what is considered to be a “knowledge bank,” or “a central location to store your company leaders’ thoughts, ideas, insights, experiences, and more.” With a knowledge bank, you can ensure that you’re constantly updating what’s there and gathering as many ideas as possible in order to maximize your marketing potential. Another important aspect of success is aligning content metrics with your key performance indicators and measuring them, as the metrics should be influenced by your company’s goals. This does not necessarily mean strictly quantitative measurements, but can also include tracking and exploring the content in which candidates read and later convinced them to apply. Whether quantitative or qualitative, tracking metrics can help your company adjust any setbacks and make improvements. It is important to remember that content marketing is not about the ranking of the publication in which you post, but rather the audience that reads that publication. It’s more valuable to have less views but by the proper targeted audience. Lastly, a few tips that you and your team can leverage some of your content include: adding a link to your newest article in your email signature, convert content, like webinars or power points, into slide shares, encourage fellow employees to share the content as well, and even test out some paid distribution, like LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, to really get the material across to the right audience. As there is not one perfect answer to content marketing, taking initiative and responsibility can take you a pretty long way. Using tactics like these will help you make the necessary changes in order to maximize your potential and lead you well on your way towards success.