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Oct 15, 2012

Take Note – Web and Mobile Apps Offer Many Great Note-taking Tools

If you are still using a pen and paper to make your To Do list, make research notes or take notes in a meeting, you are missing out on some great tools that can improve those notes and make them available to you everywhere.  Note-taking applications are definitely not new, but the ubiquity of the mobile device and even better syncing solutions has made them more useful than ever.  Here are just five of the most popular options out there: 1 - SimpleNote As the name suggests, it doesn’t get more simple than Simple Note.  Completely free and ad-supported, Simple Note is available as a web app and iOS app.  However, the Simple Note service can be used with a wide variety of other note applications for nearly every platform.  This app stands out because it does have all the standard and expected features of a note-taking app plus one very unique feature: the ability to go back in time.  To see every change made to your note, up to the last 20 revisions, just drag a slider you can restore back to any of your previous versions.. 2 - Evernote Widely considered to be the “king” of note-taking applications, Evernote is a freemium offering available as a web app, desktop app and mobile app for nearly every OS.  Part of the reason that Evernote rules the roost is its integration with other applications.  The Evernote Trunk lists hundreds of other apps that work with Evernote, plus physical tools like notepads and printers that work with Evernote also. 3 - GoogleDocs / Drive Many people prefer individual documents for taking notes and Google Docs makes that easy and available in any web browser.  Creating, editing, storing and sharing documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other files is free and simple using Google.  With the addition of the Google Drive features, users also get the option of accessing these notes via mobile app. 4 - OneNote The tried and true corporate note-taking app is OneNote.  Designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft’s other enterprise tools, Exchange, Office and SharePoint, OneNote is extremely convenient in these environments.  Offered only as part of the Office suite, the one drawback to this option can be the price. 5 - Catch One of the newer options out there, Catch focuses on ease of creating different note types, from text to photos, reminders and voice, with their mobile applications.  Available as a freemium model, Catch offers a web app and mobile apps for Android and iOS. Since note-taking is an obviously popular activity with any device, there are countless options for tools and applications, and new ones springing up all the time.  Some other options to check out if you haven’t found one that quite fits you yet are: References: