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Mar 18, 2016

The Future of Business Cards

Business cards have been around for about 400 years, and the way they work has remained stagnant for much of that time. The flaw with business cards is that we do so little on paper anymore, all a business card really does is add an extra step to get in touch with someone you want to reach out to. MOO is a company that prints business cards, but a certain product of theirs is strikingly innovative, adapting to the increasingly digital world. The Business Card+ is an NFC enabled business card that MOO has developed using what they call Paper+, which is basically just paper products with tiny NFC chips embedded inside. The potential for Paper+ is highlighted in this video. So the Business Card+ uses Paper+ with the classic business card format to create an entirely new function for business cards. With the NFC chip, you can set actions to happen upon tap with an NFC-enabled phone or tablet. Let’s say you are going out to promote your newest product, service, or location: you can program your business cards to pull up your landing page, google+ or yelp page, or social media profile focused around that service. No searching required for the recipient, which means better conversions for you. MOO has always featured great designs and affordable pricing. The Business Card+ retains both of those features while simultaneously innovating and driving business cards to meet present-day technology demands. You can check out MOO at, and the Business Card+ is available to order now from their site.