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Mar 20, 2015

The Importance of Email Marketing

mail contactThere are many different marketing tactics that we can use to promote our businesses. One of the best tools to use is inexpensive, and readily available at your fingertips: email.

With the help of third-party email software such as Monitor, iContact, MailChimp, business owners can manage, target, and track email campaigns. In addition you can use their templates for creative flare. The goals of email marketing are to keep your customers informed, establish a positive relationship, keep your business on their minds, special targeted promotions.

  1. Keep Customers Informed - You can keep your customers informed by having a monthly newsletter. Here you can group together your blog posts, pictures and promotions going on with your business. The key here is to keep the newsletter informative and easy to read. Make your newsletter glimpses of greater things to get traffic to your website if people want to read more. The more brief enticing information you have, the more people will click onto your site and the more your newsletter will shared and viewed.
  2. Establish a Positive Relationship -  When a customer signs up to your email list, send them a welcome notice, or when they order something from your website send them a thank you note with receipt. Don’t bombard with unnecessary emails
  3. Keep Your Business On Their Minds - Send emails wishing happy holidays. Perhaps if someone hasn’t been to your site in a while send them an email saying you miss them or that something they’ve looked at on your site is available for them. Don’t let them forget you!
  4. Special Targeted Promotions -  Email your specific customers promotions of the services they bought, or looked at. Promote specific items during holiday seasons. Create different lists for different products or trending products, this way you will be able to target more successfully.

Email marketing is fairly economically and easy to do. It’s important to keep your brand and business relevant in people’s busy lives. In addition its important to keep your branding consistent in your emails! Make sure your logo is involved and your art is consistent with your brand. Be sure to put your url and ways to contact your business, and make sure to have a “call-to-action,” a place that calls for a click, phone call, or email.