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Aug 14, 2015

The Return of the iPod

ipodtouch24321Welcome back, iPod, it's been awhile. Apple recently announced the release of the new iPod Touch – nearly identical to 2012's version physically, with drastically updated guts. But for many, the 2015 iPod stops making sense once you have a smartphone, as it is essentially an iPhone 6 without cell service. Is there still a market for such a device? As one of the largest technical upgrades to date, the iPod contains the same A8 chip as the newest version of the iPhone, as well as dramatically improved camera lenses. The camera has upgraded from 5 megapixels to 8, and can now take time-lapse video, pictures in slow motion, burst photos, and panoramas, as well as front facing camera capabilities just like the iPhone. It contains filters and exposure adjustments, as well as a timer mode. It allows for access to Apple Music (Apple’s new music streaming service) and 720 HD video recording. Additionally, it comes in 5 different colors (space gray, blue, gold, pink, and silver). These colors are also now created in the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle devices. Even as iPhone continue to cannibalize iPod's market, the loveable device it still holds value for Apple. After all, iPod was the dominant Apple product for a number of years, and the device that truly catapulted the brand into homes worldwide. The new iPod is available both online and in stores, and will costs you $199 (16 GB), $249 (32 GB), $299 (64 GB), all the way up to $399 (128 GB). Is it worth the purchase? Perhaps. Realistically, if you have an iPhone, it's pretty much a mirrored device with decreased functionality. However, as a small-scale pure entertainment device, it is intriguing. Who might get the best value out of the updated iPod? Hardcore music fans (all that storage!), savvy parents with some extra cash to spend, and device-nostalgics. With the beefed up specs that'll surely make browsing the web and gaming via Wi-Fi a joy, the iPod Touch has the potential to be that tertiary device you love.