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Dec 20, 2012

The SB Authority Index Shows Continued Growth

Newtek Business Services, The Small Business Authority, has released its SB Authority Index of small business indicators for November 2012 - reaching 115.52 points. NewtekOne's proprietary merchant processing volume and the Russell Microcap Index led the increase. The SB Authority index is up .47% from October 2012. NewtekOne President and CEO Barry Sloane said, "The Federal Reserve's zero interest rate policy continues to support the small business segment by encouraging consumer spending as depicted by the growth in NewtekOne's proprietary merchant processing volume; as well as inflating the value of equities as bank interest rates and bond yields plummet. The Federal Reserve's low interest rate promise will continue to fuel the small- and medium- sized business growth in the short term at the expense of increasing the Federal Reserve's balance sheet and potentially weakening the value of the dollar. The Federal Reserve has clearly been a bright light for small- and medium-sized business owners in their recent path and apparent near term future."