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May 13, 2013

The SBA Sees the Sense/Cents in THIS SBA’s Product

Yeah, we know, there are two of us. Well, sort of. There's the Small Business Administration and then there's NewtekOne, The Small Business Authority. At NewtekOne, we are known to provide innovative and affordable products designed to improve the experience of small business owners across the country and the world. This morning, the Small Business Administration published an insightful blog touting the benefits of tablet-based POS systems. And they're right on point. For many small business owners, you cannot beat the savings or the versatility. At this SBA, we want you and our friends at the Small Business Association to know that we've got it covered ... we've got YOU covered. We have merchant processing solutions for every need and incredible pricing structures to make NewtekOne, The Small Business Authority the number one "go-to" company in the nation for your merchant processing needs. In fact, we'll even give you $250 if we can't meet or beat your current program. So, if you need a POS option that fits your company's needs like a glove, don't hesitate to stop by and speak to one of our experts by phone, live chat, or email 24/7/365.           HI–-it-time-make-switch