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May 3, 2016

Twitter First View

Most social media for businesses is a platform for advertising Twitter Usersand engagement. Twitter is no exception, and with their active users at an all time high, Twitter's timeline is a highly desirable ad space. Twitter offers promoted tweets to reach outside your organic audience. These tweets will put your content on the timeline of users everywhere, even if they haven't followed your business's account. Twitter also allows people to upload up to 30 second videos, advertisement or not, to their timelines. For content creators and brands, this allows us to create more engaging posts (we all now people would rather watch a video than read an ad), but if your audience on Twitter isn't as large as you want, Twitter has a new tool for you. First View allows a brand to sponsor a video post and put it on the top of timelines everywhere for 24 hours. Not only is the video content more engaging than a standard promoted tweet, it is one of the first things Twitter users will see on both mobile and browser versions of Twitter.   Twitter is rolling out the feature to their managed clients in the US currently. If you'd like to get access to this feature, reach out to your Twitter account team.