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Mar 14, 2013

Unleash the Power of Content Marketing

Want to increase search engine visibility, boost sales, and develop better relationships with your customers? Consider content marketing. Content marketing is the process of creating informational materials about your industry, product, or service and promoting them to your target audience. Types of content might include articles, e-books, white papers, case studies, videos, or infographics. This method’s popularity has swelled recently because it’s effective, costs less than advertising, and lasts a lot longer. Ads only run for as long as you pay for them. Content, on the other hand, lives for as long as you leave it up, continuing to drive search engine visibility. Content is also valuable because consumers seek it out. You don’t need to fight for their attention; they’re coming to you for information. Successful content helps turn those inquiries into sales. Here’s the basic information you’ll need to start content marketing. Create a plan Set a realistic schedule for how frequently you can create content, and decide what types of content you want to create. Consistency is important. If you can only create one new article a week, that works, but make sure to commit to the schedule. Similarly, consider focusing on one or two types of content at first, such as articles and videos. This focus will make your content look cohesive and your efforts purposeful – both important business characteristics to portray. Select topics When brainstorming ideas for content, analyze what keywords people use to find your website. Developing content around those terms will increase your website’s search engine ranking. Another method involves considering the most common questions your customers have and answering them in an article. As time goes on, track what pages net the most views and create more content about those topics. Don’t worry about trying to select a topic that’s never been covered before. The Internet is awash in content, and some form of information exists for most inquiries. Instead, focus on creating content that reflects your message, that’s high quality and that includes those key search terms without repeating them too many times. You can fine-tune as you gain more experience. Promote the content Increase the likelihood that people will find your articles by promoting the pieces through all social media platforms. Tweet your latest website additions, post links on LinkedIn and Facebook. If you have a newsletter, don’t be afraid to double dip and include content you’ve developed for your website in the next edition. Strive for the right tone Content used for marketing is, at its best, purely informational. The customer is already on your website, and you (hopefully) have your contact information visible on every page. Content isn’t a sales pitch – it’s an opportunity to build a relationship with your existing and potential customers. By giving people information, you’re demonstrating your value and increasing the likelihood of a sale. Use content to drive your email list Consider producing a substantial piece of information, such as an e-book, and using it as a giveaway for people who sign up to your email list. Then every so often, send everyone on your list a compelling piece of brand new content. This tactic keeps your company top of mind and helps turn the people on your email list into customers.