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Sep 8, 2014

Use Technology To Be a Better Manager

better managerIt’s no secret that here at NewtekOne, the only thing we respect as much as small business owners is the power of technology. Technology has transformed the business landscape, creating more efficient solutions, better business practices, and an open line of communication between businesses and their customers. If you’re not using technology to be a better business owner, here are some good places to begin.   Project Management Software If your business is project-heavy and includes multiple team members, management software will greatly improve productivity and efficiency. These programs will help conquer time-consuming obligations such as scheduling, generating reports, process tracking, and budget management among much more. Project management software also allows you to store all information related to a project in one, easily assessable location. Salesforce, JIRA, Microsoft Project. Schedule and Manage Employees Employee scheduling software is one of the greatest timesaving tools in a business manager’s arsenal. This software will allow you to handle staff scheduling digitally, which will make for a more cohesive and organized system. Say goodbye to handwritten requests for days off, and paper calendars filled will random notes; get an online scheduling system that employees can access at anytime. Good scheduling software will even instantly send employees their schedules via text/email. Hotschedules, Shiftplanning, Jobber Accounting Software I’ve yet to meet a small business owner that enjoys keeping the books. While accounting software won’t make this annoying responsibility disappear, it will make managing company finances a whole lot easier. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a more hands-on or hands-off method; these programs will enable you to manage financial transactions far quicker and will ensure that your books are accurate and better organized. Wave, Quickbooks, Intacct Technology has fundamentally changed the way we do business. If you aren’t also using technology to improve the way you manage your employees, start today. You will find that utilizing project management software, cloud-based scheduling, and digital accounting programs will make you a more competent manager and will allow you to run your company more efficiently than ever before.