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Oct 21, 2014

Use Technology to Improve Customer Service

Bulter with Call BellThe internet has afforded us the ability to connect with customers and clients like never before. Your business should be wielding the power of web-based resources for opportunities to connect with patrons and to improve customer service. The following internet-based practices will help create excellent service experiences, which will result in loyal and satisfied customers.
  • Be Available – If a customer is not able to get ahold of a company representative when they attempt to make contact, kiss them goodbye. We understand that many small businesses do not have the ability to man a dedicated, 24/7 chat queue or an around-the-clock call center, but free services - like Gmail, Twitter - are all you need. Create a dedicated avenue for customer contact, and commit to checking it daily (or more) to stay on top of customer interactions.
  • Send Updates – Nobody likes waiting in the dark! While issue resolution often takes time, customers will always appreciate a courtesy update. Send a simple message, keeping them apprised of the issue in question, and thank them for their patience. This strategy will actually save your organization time and energy, as customers won’t be contacting you to continuously check the status of their issues.
  • Seek Out and Analyze Feedback – Show your customers that you value their opinion and use their responses to make improvements to your business and product(s). You will be amazed what a simple survey can do.
  • Create a FAQ Area – Optimizing self-service options is a win-win, do what you can to help your customers help themselves. You will save your organization precious time and free your customers from needing to contact you with simple questions. Keep track of customer’s most frequently asked questions or any areas of confusion and create a space on your webpage where these questions and concerns are addressed. Be proactive.
Implementing these practices will immediately boost your client’s level of satisfaction with your organization, but remember, stellar customer service starts with your staff! Cultivate a company culture based around your patrons and make their satisfaction your priority. Take care of your customers and they will take care of you.