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Jan 19, 2012

Zappos Gets Caught With Its Cyberpants Down

[caption id="attachment_393" align="alignright" width="424" caption="More effective than a "free kittens" sign"][/caption] Another security breach has hit a major retailer—this time, hackers targeted Amazon-owned Zappos. Mathew J. Schwartz reported in InformationWeek that Zappos’ more than 20 million customers were receiving emails from the company, with notifications that personal data was stolen. Credit and debit card information was not hacked, according to the article. So, how hacker-proof is your ecommerce site? Out of the approximately 1,200 respondents to The Small Business Authority’s September Market Sentiment Survey, a whopping 73 percent said they hadn’t tested their computer systems and data for susceptibility to hackers. That’s a lot of potential vulnerability. Internet-security breaches are not going away anytime soon. You probably read about the security breach at Sony, or the one that hit Citigroup. How do you know that your site won’t be next? You might want to begin by reading our “Business Owner’s Guide to Good Cyber Security Habits.” If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below. To read the InformationWeek article, click here.