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21 Actually Inspiring Quotes For Entrepreneurs

Okay, okay – we know it’s a little cliché to let yourself be inspired by quotes from famously successful people. But come on – they were so good at what they did, and being who they were, that people quote them. Surely they must know something worth listening to. It can’t hurt to hear them [...]

Responsive Design: Web Design Trend #1

The consensus among website design pros, regarding industry trends for 2014, is fairly cut and dry (well, at least for now.) And most agree the significant styles for the year will likely fall under the headings of responsive design, story, and simple. Throughout the week, we will be highlighting all three, but today, we will [...]

When a Small Business Loan is Better Than an Investor

When starting a small business, or taking one to the next level of development, one thing that just about every entrepreneur needs is capital. Money is the thing that takes great ideas and cunning plans into a successful reality – and it’s always the one thing that small businesses can never seem to get enough [...]

Is Facebook Over? No, But Look Elsewhere Anyway

There was a time (it feels like last week, and honestly, that’s not too much of an exaggeration) when it seemed like Facebook was the insurmountable king of social media. In the last few years, businesses across all markets have finally caught on to the fact that social media, far from being just a social [...]

Understanding Credit Card Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) helps to ensure the security of cardholder data that is stored, processed or transmitted by merchants and processors. PCI DSS has 12 outlined requirements that businesses must follow and complete proper measures to become compliant. While PCI DSS helps protect customers and the business, there are [...]

How to Conquer the Ever-daunting Elevator Pitch

Here’s the thing about writing: it’s always easier to say something with 1,000 words than it is to say the same thing with 10. So it’s no wonder that writing and delivering an elevator pitch is something that even the savviest small business owners struggle with. How do you elegantly balance all the different information [...]

Ditch the Sales Pitch, Start Asking Questions

The biggest barrier to successful selling today is that salespeople still see their job as one of educating their prospects and customers. “This was a necessity years ago when customers relied on salespeople for product information and industry trends,” says Jim Dunn, expert sales trainer with the Whetstone Group. “Back then, salespeople and the businesses [...]

Tips for Handling a Late-Paying Customer

One of the challenges of operating a small business or consulting firm is making sure you get paid. Some customers understand the basic equation—you provide them with a valuable product or service and they compensate you in return. Other customers seem to either forget this or never really get it. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to [...]

The Unwritten Law of Logo

You know that old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover?” Well, when it comes to your logo (basically your company's book cover) we’re judging. Someone mentions Nike, we immediately think “swoosh,” Disney, its their fantastical cursive, and McDonald's, those famous golden arches. Yahoo’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kathy Savitt, told USA Today, “The logo [...]

How Worried Should Small Businesses Be Regarding Cyber Security?

This isn’t breaking news: cyber attacks are on the rise.  By some estimates, network-based attacks, such as DDOS (short for Distributed Denial of Services), which have the ability to take down large computing networks, have increased by 700 percent this year. Targeted DDOS attacks against internet service providers, domain registrars, web hosting providers, and individual [...]