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Checklist: Forming an LLC

LLCs, or limited liability companies, are often used by small business owners to protect their assets and keep their businesses separate from their personal financial lives. If you are thinking of starting a LLC, below is a checklist of steps you'll need to complete before forming. Keep in mind that your LLC's requirements might vary [...]

Tips For Using Social Media To Find Job Candidates

By now, I hope we all realize that we should be constantly conducting ourselves on social media as though every person we might ever want to hire us is going to see what we post. Because, odds are, they will. Looking up someone’s social media presence is pretty much the second step after reviewing a [...]

Does a Cloud Solution Help SMBs with Security?

In keeping with this week's theme of Cloud computing, today's topic revolves around its role regarding security as it pertains to small businesses. Security is one area where Cloud hosting, generally speaking, is light years ahead of most other alternatives. How so? Well, it is true that a highly competent IT team, some excellent anti-virus/anti-spam [...]

Cavalier Attitudes Regarding “BYOD” Put Companies at Risk

What’s not to love about bring your own device adoption among organizations? Workers are able to enjoy the perks associated with BYOD such as convenience, and companies receive an increase in efficiency while saving money. It’s a win-win, right? Well, according to Fiberlink, not always. Fiberlink and Harris Interactive recently conducted a survey that found [...]

Avoid These Harmful Hiring Mistakes

Few decisions are more crucial to the success of a small business than choosing the right people to bring on board. While this is easy to understand in theory, far too many employers commit certain hiring mistakes that end up costing them more time and money than they can afford. That’s why it’s so important [...]

Avoid These Critical Business Plan Mistakes

Even if you have a great idea for a start-up, a poorly written plan can shoot down your dream before it gets off the ground. Without a strong plan, there’s no way to plan for the future, anticipate challenges and opportunities, or hope for a decent chance for success. Here are some things to be mindful of as you embark on this seemingly daunting task.