Public Company

Established in 1998

Serves all 50 States

Newtek Business Services Corp. is a leading provider of key business and financial solutions.


Who Is Newtek

  • Founded in 1998, publicly traded (NASDAQ:NEWT) since 2000

  • Converted to a business development company (‘BDC’) in 2014

  • Non-bank, non-depository entity

Why Both Small and Large Organizations Partner with Us and Our Portfolio Companies

  • Newtek is a publicly traded company (NASDAQ:NEWT). Our financial statements are freely available.

  • Newtracker is fully transparent, allowing our referral partner to follow a referral from cradle to closing. Partners also receive periodic reporting in addition to creating an easily accessible audit and compliance trail. 

  • We have been in business as a publicly traded company for over 16 years with over 100,000 business accounts

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What Newtek Business Solutions® and Our Portfolio Companies Do

  • Complete lending solutions

  • Accounts Receivable Lines of Credit ($10,000 to $1.5 MM)

  • Small Balance Unsecured Term Loans

  • Electronic Payment Processing & Tablet Based Payment Processing Solutions

  • Mobile Payment Processing Solutions

  • Payroll & Benefit Processing Solutions

  • Web Design and Full e-Commerce Business Solutions

  • Health Insurance and Benefits

  • Commercial / Personal Insurance

  • Complete IT Solutions

  • The Newtek Advantage Cloud-Based Operating Platform

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