Information Disclosure Authorization



NewtekOne, Inc. (“Newtek”) has numerous affiliates (collectively, together with Newtek and their and Newtek’s respective successors and assigns, the “Newtek Entities”) that offer a wide range of products and services (collectively, the “Newtek Services”), including without limitation, SBA loans, conventional loans, inventory and accounts receivable financings, credit card processing, payroll processing, managed information technology solutions and a full array of insurance products and services.  

By accepting the terms and conditions set forth in this Information Disclosure Authorization Form (this “Authorization Form”), you hereby, on behalf of yourself and each of the companies on whose behalf you are transacting, or attempting to transact business, with any of the Newtek Entities (each, a “Company”), authorize each Newtek Entity to: (1) share any of your or any the Companies’ information or documentation (including without limitation any certifications, authorizations, attestations and the like) with and amongst the Newtek Entities (the “Collected Information and Documentation”), whether such information is obtained directly from you or indirectly through another source; and (2) rely on any Collected Information and Documentation shared with the Newtek Entity by any other Newtek Entity as if such Information and Documentation had been given directly to the Newtek Entity. 

By accepting the terms and conditions set forth in this Authorization Form, you also (1) acknowledge that you have read this entire Authorization Form and understand the same; (2) personally represent that you are authorized to provide all of the foregoing Authorizations with respect to each of the Companies and (3) hereby, on behalf of yourself and each of the Companies, release each of the Newtek Entities from any and all liability relating to or arising from any of the authorizations set forth in this Authorization Form.


• The Newtek Entities, as defined above, are providing this notice.

• You may limit the Newtek Entities, such as Newtek Bank, National Association, Newtek Merchant Solutions, LLC, Newtek Insurance Agency, LLC, PMTWorks Payroll, LLC, or any other Newtek Entity, from marketing their products or services to you based on your personal information that they receive from other Newtek Entities. This information includes your income, your account history, and your credit score.

• Your choice to limit marketing offers from the Newtek Entities will apply until you tell us to change your choice.

To limit marketing offers, contact us:

• By telephone: (800) 922-0779

• By email: