Payment Card Acceptance Best Practices

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Retail Card Acceptance

  • Hold the customer’s credit card during the entire transaction
  • Visually verify the card has not expired or been altered in any way
  • Compare the name, number, and signature to those on the transaction receipt
  • Keep your terminal in working order. Report any technical problems to Technical Support including issues with reading cards or terminal communication
  • It may be possible to password protect your terminal for added security
  • If the card is present but cannot be read by the terminal ALWAYS get a manual imprint of the card and have the customer sign the sales draft. This will protect you in the event of a chargeback
  • When key entering a transaction, use your terminal’s fraud detection tools. Always perform CVV2 verification and Address Verification (AVS). If a match is not received, the card should not be accepted
  • Do not ship to an address other than the billing address and avoid shipping to post office boxes, hotel lobbies, or other addresses that are not permanent
  • Be on the lookout for signs indicating the transaction may be fraudulent
    • Purchasing a lot of merchandise without regard to size, style, color, or price
    • Customer asks no question on major purchases
    • Customer tries to rush through transaction
    • A large purchase is made right after opening or that the last minute when the store is closing
  • Do not allow unauthorized individuals access to your credit card equipment

eCommerce Acceptance

Online shopping

  • Only use a POS system or gateway that has been validated as PCI Compliant
  • Build and maintain a secure network so that the customer’s cardholder data is protected
  • Review fraud settings within the gateway, and require a match for both Address Verification (AVS) and CVV2
  • Beware of shipping to international addresses
  • Regularly monitor your authorization logs to verify that your site is not being utilized for phishing activity
  • Do not ship to an address other than the billing address and avoid shipping to post office boxes, hotel lobbies, or other addresses that are not permanent
  • Pay extra attention to orders that are larger than usual, especially if express shipping is requested
  • If skeptical regarding an order, call the customer to confirm
  • The fraud detection suite of your gateway is the best tool for preventing fraud. Educate yourself on blocking email addresses, IP addresses, and international addresses to protect against the loss of merchandise and money

Remember to protect your customer’s cardholder data and become PCI Compliant

Newtek is here to help you protect your business. If something looks suspicious do not hesitate to contact Customer Service for assistance

Merchant Processing and Equipment
eCommerce Processing

eCommerce Processing

  • Use a custom eCommerce website to harness the power of the internet for your small business
  • Never stop selling – your website can generate national sales 24/7
  • Our custom designs are made to suit the needs – and budgets – of any business
Mobile Processing

Mobile ProcessingConduct business from anywhere using your existing smartphone and one of our mobile processing devices. With no cancellation fees, no monthly minimum and rates as low as 1.69%, our mobile processing services give you the flexibility you need to enhance your business.

Retail Processing

Retail ProcessingOur high-quality and comprehensive merchant processing services have a customized pricing structure that allows you to accept non-cash payments at affordable rates. In addition to creating your secure merchant account, Newtek offers a number of features to help you make the most of your retail processing, from gift cards to detailed credit and debit statements.

Wireless Processing

Wireless ProcessingEliminate the potential for human error and reduce risk by entering credit card information at point-of-purchase. Process payments anytime, anywhere – a wireless terminal is ideal for performing mobile transactions at trade shows and much more. Increase your sales – accept all major credit cards and PIN-based debit cards on our wireless terminals, which qualify for the lowest processing rates.


EquipmentWe offer a wide array of merchant processing equipment that is designed to meet the needs of our clients, regardless of the size or nature of their business. Our devices run the gamut from retail models to devices that attach directly to your smartphone. Whether you’re looking for an electronic payment device with printing capabilities, or one that comes equipped with a check reader and imager, we have a payment processing solution that will suit your unique needs.