We’ll Help You Plan and Implement
Your Migration to the Cloud

We Specialize in Moving Data
from On-Premise Infrastructure

Immediately Benefit from Increased
Physical and Digital Security


Moving to the Cloud Doesn’t Need to be Painful

As businesses worldwide continue to look to the cloud for cost savings and enhanced security, Newtek is here to help you make the move.

  • Newtek infrastructure migration engineers will plan and implement your move to the cloud.

  • Newtek will not only help you make the move, we’ll find ways to optimize and cut costs.

  • Typical savings to IT budget exceed 60% when moving away from on-premise infrastructure to Newtek’s data center(s).

We Also Support Infrastructure Migration From Other Clouds and Providers

  • Migrations from public cloud providers.

  • Migrations from bare-metal infrastructure located at third-party data centers.

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5 Reasons to Move Your IT Workloads to Newtek

1. Reduce cost – Immediately reduce capital spending on on-premise infrastructure.

2. Minimize risk – Outsource the heavy lifting of securing your IT infrastructure to a provider that has already made significant investments to build a world-class data center network.

3. Greater support – Immediately receive technical support from highly skilled and certified professionals.

4. Monitoring – Immediately receive around-the-clock monitoring and rapid response to issues.

5. Compliance – Gain expert support for meeting or exceeding nearly all regulatory or government compliance demands.

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